Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Well maybe not. Maybe your remaing die-hard wall street, business-y, troglodyte consumers that are still living by their Blackberry "smartphones" and will take that next step to a Z10 or Q10.

In a mad scramble to boost sales/notoriety of the 10 series, Blackberry appointed Alicia Keys to the position of "Global Creative Director" and paraded her at the Blackberry 10 Launch event last month in NYC.  I didn't think bringing a superstar on-board was going to particularly revive the fledging brand and apparently Forbes agrees with me (woot woot!!) stating:
While their new BlackBerry 10 phones have received good reviews, they are dramatically underperforming Wall Street estimates when it comes to sales...support in the U.S., where the new BlackBerrys are expected in mid-March, has been modest at most. (source)
 Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins and 
Global Creative Director Alicia Keys
 Word on the Street is that Research in Motion, Blackberry's developer, is the process of renaming/branding the whole operation, so we shall see what fruit they choose next!! In the meantime the efforts to build excitement over the most recent Blackberry models are going strong with Ms. Keys at the helm. I tried to tell them tho....when it comes to the Blackberry brand: Don't Save That HO! She Don't Wanna be Saved.

Oh Oh ohhh, wait will there still BBM? I remember when that was allll the rage.

In 2006.

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