Friday, February 22, 2013


Head on over to the website and you'll learn you to know about them, or any affiliated with the institution.  In many ways, thats sates the Stalker-Stan in me.

Cool, who are you featuring these days? ::clicks "single artist" link::

Intriguing, let me check him out, see what his current work is speakin' on:

Hemdenleben (grüne Version), 1970
(Life Vest - Green Version)
impression sérigraphique sur carte
(screen printing on paper)
55 x 75 cm, Edition 59/60

Ok, exploring gender roles, contours and perspective, colorful screen prints, hold up hold up DEFINITELY some repetition of form up in here...What else he got?

Feuer im Weizen (Sexmappe), 1970 (detail)
impression sérigraphique sur papier fait main, 9 feuillets
9 x (47 x 64), Edition 74/100
(screen printing on handmade paper, 9 sheets)

OK, I LIKE THIS GUY. Sexmappes all day.

To check out the Artists Institute go here, I'll be there when I'm in NYC boyyeeeeeee:

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