Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Absolutely LOVE Aubrey Plaza and her deadpan, ocassionally macabre, humor.  Her character April on Parks and Recreation is one of the reasons why it became one of my favorite shows.  She also has that subdued beauty that could even pull of this (hideous/loose) nightie she is wearing on the upcoming Complex Magazine.

I wholly reject this stylist's vision for this concept. The onesie-romper-atrocity would've worked(maybe) in some sort of offbeat sleep-over themed shoot (think Dream Phone circa 1991), but in this case, HOW DOES IT CORRELATE TO SILLY STRING AGAIN?!

I would totally give props if she was wearing a hot piece that owns any shoot despite its incongruity with the intended theme, but this time I CAN'T. Don't even get me started on the whole "silly string is funny" idea.  But all in all, I dig the colorway and like I said, Ms. Plaza is a bonifide piece of sex.  Check a cute clip of her from Parks and Recreation.

and her upcoming film "The To Do List"with Andy Samberg:

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